Machine seized? Machine rusty? Been stored for too long maybe? Written off by another technician?

Well here is how far we go to create the recipe for perfection, first we choose our particular flavor in this case its a Janome MyLock 644D overlocker previously seized solid beyond repair and only a couple of years old.

Basic Ingredients:

  1. 1 choice of main course
  2. 1 basting brush for application
  3. half a cup of special liquid mixture
  4. 1 cut bunch of wire wool
  5. a sprinkle of glass blast
  6. a pinch of peroxide
  7. a mixture of tools for dressing
  8. thread for decoration
  9. fabric for garnish



Now we have to prepare our subject to add our vital ingredients, so we have decided to defat our 644D by removing the outer layers and exposing the inner flesh.

After allowing the air to get inside with a little help we can now see that we need to apply some extra love and care into the inner flesh, we start by soaking it in our combined mix of liquid ingredients to help marinade the tender parts.

After basting our liquid combination we lightly dusted the important parts with glass blasting, then used our butane torch to creme brulee the bushes.

Once we are ready lightly apply our grease and glaze with oil until we are satisfied with are main flavors we then begin to dress with care.

And there we have it! after some love and care, with a combination of tasty ingredients we have successfully put together a fine piece of work ending in an impeccable result.

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