Sewing Machines

At SewMasters we offer a wide variety of quality sewing machines supplied by the best brands of machine manufacturers in the world, Each brand we have chosen to work with have a specific role to play in fulfilling your needs and requirements. We will help you find the perfect machine to suit your creative dreams and ambitions. 

Mechanical Sewing Machines

Mechanical sewing machines are great starting point for someone on a budget or a casual addition to house hold appliance where you want to just pull it from the cupboard every now and again. Mechanical machines do have their limitations in neat and efficient features but can also be used as a great tool to teach children about learning machines for a future sewing ambition.

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Computerised Sewing Machines

Computerised sewing machines are have become an extremely affordable option in this day and age with ever growing technologies and budget machine carrying a huge diverse and extensive choice of stitches regardless of your budget, this type of machine has now become the “norm” in our world and the choice can be very difficult and overwhelming. Here at SewMasters we we are exceptional at helping you find the right machine for you whether you need bells and whistles or just plain old reliable workhorse.

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Industrial Sewing Machines

We have been supplying industrial sewing machines at SewMasters for some time now but now we have our favourites for technical standard reasons, now that all industrial machine are now made in China it can be very difficult to find a quality machine at an affordable price that will serve you well in your future business efficiency. We will help you choose the right machine for your requirements without you spending more than you need to.

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