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Sewing Machine Repairs Brisbane

Signs You Might Need Sewing Machine Repairs In Brisbane

It’s frustrating when your sewing machine isn’t working as it’s supposed to, especially if you sew for relaxation. But before you run out and start looking at new machines, you could save yourself a ton of money by considering sewing machine repairs in Brisbane first. The SewMasters repair team have over 27 years of experience in servicing and repairing a wide range of sewing machine brands, and we’ve seen machines in all stages of disrepair. Here are a few signs that it might be time to bring your sewing machine to us for some maintenance and repairs.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Your Sewing Machine

To keep your sewing machine in working condition, there are a few common mistakes you should try to avoid. 

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  • Forgetting to change the needle. You need to remember to change the needle to suit the fabric you’re working with or replace it after each project. Sewing poor quality needles or incorrectly suited needle will damage your work and sewing machine. To see what quality needles we recommend visit our Sewing Machine Needles Page
  • Always remove your pins. Sewing over pins can cause the machine’s needle to bend or break and damage the needle plate, so make sure you remove them as you go. 
  • Keep your sewing machine clean. If you have a computerised sewing machine your lint build up will end up falling into the covers and effect the electronics. 
  • Avoid leaving your machine on for long periods of time. Remove your power cable entirely if you’re not sewing as some machines carry a constant line of power.

Don’t push or pull the fabric through. Your sewing machine will feed material through at its own pace, and forcing fabric might damage it.

How To Troubleshoot The Issue Before Calling A Professional

The SewMasters team are the experts when it comes to sewing machines in Brisbane, so we have a couple of troubleshooting tips and tricks to try and save you a trip into the repair shop. 

  • If your needle is bent or broken… Change the needle for a new one. You should always start a new project with a new needle. Make sure you’re using the right needle for your selected fabric before you start. 
  • If your thread keeps breaking… Check which thread you’re using, as hand sewing thread is way too delicate for a machine. Ensure your top and bottom threads are the same weight and if you’re still having issues, lower the tension settings for your top thread. 
  • If your fabric isn’t feeding… Check that your presser foot is down and set to the correct pressure for your material. If your machine has a drop-feed setting, make sure it hasn’t been accidentally activated. 
  • If your machine is skipping stitches… Make sure your machine’s needle has been installed correctly and isn’t bent or broken. Also, make sure the top thread reaches your bobbin. Re-thread the top and bobbin threads and try it again. If it’s still skipping stitches, you might have a problem with timing, so bring your sewing machine for repairs in Brisbane at SewMasters. 
  • If your sewing machine won’t sew… If you’re finding the machine seizes up, check that the fabric isn’t too thick for your sewing machine. Also, check that the needle isn’t bent or broken. Give the machine a thorough clean and dust, as a build-up of lint can prevent your sewing machine’s mechanisms from working. 

The Red Flags Of A Broken Sewing Machine

Sometimes, no amount of troubleshooting or sewing accessories will fix the problem, and you’ll have to acknowledge that your machine is broken. If you spot the following red flags, stop sewing and book your machine in for repairs. 

  • Your sewing machine is making strange noises. Stop the moment you hear any peculiar thumping or clunking. Remove your project and give the machine a thorough cleaning and oiling. Try it on a piece of scrap fabric and if the noises persist, book it in for repairs. 
  • Your needles keep breaking for no reason. If you’re using the right fabric, but your needles continue to bend or break, your machine might have issues with the timing mechanism, so give the SewMasters team a call, and we’ll take a look. 
  • Your machine is skipping stitches for no reason. If you’ve done the troubleshooting for skipped stitches and your machine continues to malfunction, you’ll need to organise to have it repaired. It could be an issue with the timing mechanism. 
  • Your feed is inconsistent. If you’re working with an older machine, there’s a chance the teeth on your feed could be worn down. Bring it into SewMasters, and we’ll fix it up for you in no time. 

If You Need Sewing Machine Repairs In Brisbane, Call The Experts At SewMasters

When it comes to sewing machines, no one knows them better than the team at SewMasters. Whether you’re sewing commercially or you do it as a hobby, we’re here to help our customers achieve better results from their work and achieve their sewing goals through the right machines and accessories. SewMasters are proud to stock some of the world’s leading brands in overlockers, baby lockers, embroidery machines, and sewing machines, all of which are renowned for their reliability, quality, and durability. Whether you’re buying a new machine or you’re looking for a repairperson you can trust, SewMasters are here to help.