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How To Create A Craft Space You’ll Love Spending Time In

While scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest, you’ve no doubt come across those picture-perfect craft rooms. The ones with the organised shelves with colour-coded spools of thread, the gorgeous mannequin bust with the poster’s latest project, and the sunshine is dancing through the windows onto rolls of colourful fabrics. If you’ve ever had a twinge of craft room envy, you’re not alone. The team at SewMasters are here to help you design the perfect hobby space, complete with sewing furniture, organisation tips, and style advice. Soon you’ll have your own slice of sewing heaven to while away the hours sewing in. 

Choose The Right Sewing Furniture

To start building the sewing room/hobby space of your dreams, you need to pick a few pieces of foundation sewing furniture. These pieces will set the tone for the rest of the room, so make sure you get all the essentials. 

    • Sewing cabinet. This is an integral part of any sewing room, as it’s the station at which you’ll do most of your work. Make sure to pick a cabinet with plenty of bench space for your sewing machine or overlocker and plenty of opportunity for storage. The Horn sewing cabinet Nullarbor is a fantastic staple piece of sewing furniture, and it comes in a range of colours so you can tailor it to meet your taste. 
    • Cutting table. You’re going to need a space to cut fabric, so the SewMasters team suggest having a different surface clear, clean, and ready to go. The Horn Craft & Hobby Table is portable, so you can take it around the room with you or keep it in one place, whatever suits you!
    • Computer desk. While it’s not a necessary piece of sewing furniture, especially if you’re working with a smaller space, it can be handy having a small space for your computer and design tools. Create an area where you can draw, imagine, research, and plan that’s away from the distractions of your sewing cabinet. 
    • Bookcase. Storage is everything in your sewing room, so a bookcase is an essential piece of sewing furniture. You’ll be able to store magazines, books, fabrics, thread, accessories, and anything else you might need for your projects. 
    • Sewing chair. Sometimes, when we’re sewing, the hours slip away, and before you realise it, you’ve been crafting all day. If you don’t have a comfortable chair, you’ll feel the hours in your back and neck. SewMasters stock Horn sewing chairs and Koala Sewcomfort chairs are tailor-made to give you plenty of support for hours of sewing and crafting.
    • Dress form. If you design and create clothing, you might find it handy to have a dress form close to hand so you can easily drape fabric and see how your piece fits as you progress. 

Storage Is Everything

Now your sewing furniture is organised, you’ll need to start thinking about storage. Sewing is one of those hobbies where organisation is the key to success. If your thread is all tangled, your pins and needles are everywhere, and your patterns are in disarray, you’re going to find it incredibly frustrating. The following storage devices will help you maintain order and tidiness, so you enjoy spending time in your sewing space. 

    • Keep your patterns together. If you have a few patterns you refer to regularly, keep them in a binder on your bookcase. Try to organise your patterns into styles or seasons so you can find what you’re looking for easily. 
    • Invest in storage bins. Fabric scraps or quilting squares can quickly create clutter on surfaces, so keep them in storage bins on your shelves. We’d suggest sorting your scraps into colours or size so you can find what you’re looking for without having to dig too much. 
    • Jars, trays, and containers. You’ll need a home for pins, needles, buttons, lengths of unspooled thread, clips, and other small fiddly items, so we suggest keeping plenty of jars and trays to store them in. This Longarm Magnetic Pin Tray is ideal for keeping loose pins in one place.
    • Consider a small trolley bag. Keep your current project along with essentials like scissors, pins, and thread on a small, portable trolley bag. The Tutto bags range is ideal when you need to take your project with you.

SewMasters’ Organisational Tips And Tricks

The SewMasters team has a few handy tips and tricks to keep your sewing room organised and under control. 

bernina Quilting in the Hoop

    • Create a plan for your room. Your sewing room needs to be a space where you can create comfortably, so make sure you place everything to suit you. The SewMasters team suggest setting up a floor plan before you start, so you have a rough idea of what you want before you begin. A plan also allows you to look at features such as doorways, windows, and power points. 
    • Colour coordinate your fabrics. Whether you’re a dressmaker or a quilter, it can help to have all your fabrics organised by colour. You’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for when you need it without having to rifle through piles of multicoloured materials. 
    • Consider a pegboard. If you’re tight on space, you might not have room for too much storage. In that case, we suggest investing in a pegboard to hang on the wall. You can buy peg baskets, jars, and racks that enable you to keep all your tools in one convenient, visible location. Plus, if you colour coordinate, a pegboard can liven up the space. 
    • Hang your ironing board on the back of the door. If you have limited space, you need to use every corner of the room. Hanging your ironing board on the back of the door saves space and reduces clutter, making your sewing room feel more spacious and inviting.

If You Need Sewing Furniture, You’ll Find It At SewMasters

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