BERNINA Sewing Machine

Why Do We Love BERNINA Sewing Machines?

BERNINA is arguably one of the biggest names in sewing machines, and it’s not hard to see why. Sewing hobbyists and professionals worldwide use BERNINA machines for their projects, so SewMasters are proud to stock the prestigious range for our customers. Here are a few things the SewMasters team love about the classic BERNINA sewing machine. 

Their Reputation

Since 1893, BERNINA has been manufacturing some of the highest quality sewing machines in the world. They are entirely committed to developing the most precise, durable, user-friendly machines. When you invest in a BERNINA sewing machine, you can guarantee you’ll have that machine for decades to come. 

Their Commitment To Sustainability

At SewMasters, we’re passionate about the environment, so we love that BERNINA shares that value. The brand focus on waste reduction in all areas of their manufacturing process, and they try to recycle wherever possible. In addition to this, BERNINA sewing machines are built to last longer than one generation, so you won’t need to buy yourself a new machine within a few short years. 

Their Continuous Innovations

While they have a reputation for creating perfectly designed and precisely manufactured machines, BERNINA is committed to innovating. They are constantly looking for opportunities to improve their range and provide their customers with a better sewing experience. They use the most advanced technology to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. 

If You’re Interested In Buying A BERNINA Sewing Machine, Head To SewMasters

When it comes to sewing machines, no one knows them better than the team at SewMasters. Whether you’re sewing commercially or you do it as a hobby, we’re here to help our customers achieve better results from their work and achieve their sewing goals through the right machines and accessories. SewMasters are proud to stock some of the world’s leading brands in overlockers, baby lockers, embroidery machines, and sewing machines, all of which are renowned for their reliability, quality, and durability. Whether you’re buying a new machine or you’re looking for a repairperson you can trust, SewMasters are here to help. Check out our range of BERNINA sewing machines online today!