BERNINA 830 Firmware v34.21.56.


For the models BERNINA 830 and BERNINA 830 Limited Edition.

Information on Firmware Update
The firmware for the BERNINA 830 has been updated. Following you find a short list of selected features to the version 34.21.56.
This firmware update includes support for the new accessories. Please note that no further improvements have been made.

New accessory
– Midi hoop
After the update, the new Midi hoop can be used on the embroidery machine. The hoop is automatically recognized as soon as it is mounted. Alternatively, it can be selected via the hoop selection. The Midi hoop is calibrated by the large, oval embroidery hoop.
– Ruler Foot #72
The new Rulerfuss #72 can be used on the machine after the update. The foot is selected via the selection menu of the sewing feet.
The Midi Hoop and Ruler foot #72 are now available at your dealer.



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