When the BERNINA Firmware Update Fails For B 720, B 740 and B 770 Fails.

Why this information?
Among the 7 series B 720, B 740 and B 770 it can occur that some machines reject the update and don’t complete the process successfully.
This information serves the purpose to explain the cause and offers a solution.


During an interim period within the production of the above-mentioned machines (from end of October 2014 to end of May 2015),  two different versions of the CPU board were built-in. One version of these modules featured a flash capacity of 128000 KB, the other type is a flash capacity of 256000 KB which is adequate for the new firmware.
When the displayed value is lower than 200000 KB, the new Firmware CANNOT be uploaded.

Where can the capacity be seen

The Flash capacity can be identified in the Setup Program. Please refer to the picture on the right, red marking.

Actions to be taken by the service technician during service:

The replacement of the CPU Module in these cases are covered by BERNINA free of cost, even if the term of guarantee has expired.

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