Baby Lock Mastery Event – #1 The Basics

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04/05/2019 @ 9:30 am – 12:30 pm Australia/Brisbane Timezone
SewMasters Sewing Machines & Support Centre
10/20 Bogong St
Riverhills QLD 4074
Past Event
$100.00 AUD Baby Lock Mastery Event - #1 The Basics
SewMasters Pty Ltd
07 31080043
Baby Lock Mastery Event - #1 The Basics @ SewMasters Sewing Machines & Support Centre | Riverhills | Queensland | Australia

Baby Lock – Mastery Course
Baby Lock Class One – 4 and 8 thread machines welcome

Come along to this beginners mastery class and get to know your Baby Lock in a course of 4 classes starting with this class #1- The Basics from the basic Run Down to exploring the features and understanding why you spent the money on this brand of machine over any other overlocker on the market.

The course will consist of all day intense learning and education by the highly respected ex-Baby Lock Australia Representative Michelle West who will be supplying the most in-depth and thorough education event carrying a great detail knowledge of these machines.

NEW Professional Baby Lock Mastery Classes @ SewMasters

We will cover all of the features of your Baby Lock machine and how to get the
most out of it.
• Threading
• Understand the ATD (Automatic Thread Delivery) system
• Differential Feed
• Sewing on different fabrics
• Standard Foot vs Flat Sole, Curve, Open Toe, Teflon and Clear Foot
• Gathering
Feet in Focus (4 and 8 thread machine versions)
• Trim Bin, Accessory Bag, Trolley Bag, DVD’s
• Gathering, Flat Sole, Curve, Open Toe, Teflon and Clear Foot

So grab your Baby Lock and join us to explore the great features of these industry leading machines.

price does not include kit.

Further requirements may be needed as classes progress, and you will be notified in time to obtain them before the next session.

If you need to place an order for extras please call us on (07) 3108 0043 so we can put in an order so they arrive in time for your class.

We have great food options available for you here at Riverhills Plaza with:

Great tasting coffee with All Things Tasmanian (open until mid-day)

Just Poppy’ss Burgers, Riverhills Bakery and Just Gelato n Shakes

SewMasters Sewing Machines Opens at 9am so you have time to come in for a chat and socialize with fellow students and seated for eyes down to start the class at 9.30am.

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