Janome Online Sewing Extravaganza 14 – 16th October 2020

Janome Australia are proud to announce the Online Sewing Extravaganza.Six fun filled sessions across 3 days, showcasing unique Janome machines and features to customers as we would normally do at the craft show.The online extravaganza, gives us an opportunity to promote Janome machines to a wide audience of consumers and sewists as we normally would […]

Janome AcuFeed Flex System Explained

Features of the AcuFeed Flex System Upper Feed Teeth moves forward and then gently moves the fabric back with the Lower Feed Teeth Upper Feed Teeth REPLICATES Lower Feed Teeth for maximum contact with fabric and better fabric movement, eliminating gathering, puckering and pulling Twin Dual Feed Holder Upper Feed Dogs reach in front of […]

NEW BERNINA 830 Can now take the Midi Hoop & Foot 72 Upgrade Kit

BERNINA 830 Firmware v34.21.56. Firmware: For the models BERNINA 830 and BERNINA 830 Limited Edition. Information on Firmware Update The firmware for the BERNINA 830 has been updated. Following you find a short list of selected features to the version 34.21.56. This firmware update includes support for the new accessories. Please note that no further improvements have […]

SewMasters Recipe For Perfection

Machine seized? Machine rusty? Been stored for too long maybe? Written off by another technician? Well here is how far we go to create the recipe for perfection, first we choose our particular flavor in this case its a Janome MyLock 644D overlocker previously seized solid beyond repair and only a couple of years old. […]